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CNC Aluminum Bolt Carrier (Discontinued)

Stabilizer for Valve Guide Rod

Steel Nozzle (Green Gas)

Steel Charging Handle

7075 Aluminium Charging Handle

Steel Nozzle (CO2)

Steel Bolt Catch

6.02 Tightbore & Redesigned Hop-Up (To Be Released)

CO2 Magazine (To Be Released)


Bearing set #34 & #51

Bolt Back Reinforcement #93

90% Recoil Spring #92

O-ring set (#45, #120, #121)

Aluminium Folding Valve (Part #42)

Aluminium Piston Head (Part #121)

Aluminium Valve Nozzle (Part #41 & #44)


Bolt Catch Plates

Anti-rotation pin set (Type A)

Counter-weighted Spring Guide

CNC Aluminum Trigger Guard (Type A)

Tactical Limited

Piston Head O-ring #122 Replacement


Anti-Rotation Links

Cocking Handle (Type A)

Horizon Tactical

Modified Mil-Spec Charging Handle

GS Specialized Accessories

Roller Bearing

Airsoft Global Custom (AG)

Bearing & Nylon Plug ( #91 )


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