Stabilizer For Valve Guide Rod

This is a piece designed by WE to stop the shredding of the face seal gasket, #122. It intends to "center" the valve (and seal, #122) so that it doesn't collide with the opening of the cylinder on its return.

This problem and fix is covered under the maintenance link above.

I ordered one to review.

It seems like even though you may have locktited the assembly and all is good, this would be an obvious "fail safe" in case things came loose during operation - a "why not" part.

There is one problem… matter how it is installed on my bolt carrier, no matter what orientation, it always causes my valve assembly to lean to the left. Solidly misaligned.


This is no good. We are back to square one. It does exactly what we are trying to prevent!

Although just slightly off-center, it is rubbing the cylinder opening as it reenters - causing wear to #122.

So - again - we have another "fail product" from WE.

NOT recommended. Just follow the locktite procedure under maintenance and forget this piece ever existed.

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