Rifle Versions

Did I buy the right "version"????

There has been much (too much in our opinion) emphasis on "versions" of the WE M4. We receive at least 6 emails a week by frustrated potential WE M4 buyers. "Overly competitive" retailers keep hammering you with "versions" or even have cooked up claims of "special versions" to get you to buy your new WE M4 from them. This page will hopefully clear up the needless confusion. At the end of the day, there is only one WE M4.

The term "version 2" is what started all this confusion on the Internet. It relates to "steel bolt stops" and better looking bodies/receivers which came late last year. (The guns switched to receivers with Colt trademarks and a finish better than the original black paint.) That signified "version 2". **every other single part of the gun had remained the same , despite anybody's claim otherwise.

The term "version 2" was born out of retailers' need to quickly communicate to potential buyers that "their WE M4's" had solved the problem of broken potmetal bolt stops.

In my opinion, this hardly constitutes the need to call it a "new version" since the change was either a) small, as is the case of a bolt stop now being made from steel, or b) purely cosmetic and obvious. As is the case of a gray receiver with trademarks.

But this whole "version thing" created a tool to sell the WE M4, - like any other collectible. Some people seem to respond to this "version" word play. I have no idea why. It has only hurt sales of the WE M4 in our estimation through unnecessary buyer confusion.

Competitiveness among retailers led to many high profile airsoft retailers on the Asian rim taking this "new, deceitful way, to sell WE M4's", further by calling their WE M4's "exclusives" or "special versions". They prey on buyer ignorance and fear (of purchasing the "wrong" one).

Many also still go on to claim that theirs has somehow been "specially tuned" or comes with "reinforced internals". Asking them exactly what these "enhancements" are, brings the usual clandestine response, "they are trade secrets, we can't tell you". (*sure*)

These claims range from nonsense to complete bullshit. >ALL< of the WE M4's leave the same plant and are essentially the exact same rifle. Changing the outer receiver (like an AEG) hardly makes it a new "version". The internals are all exactly the same. The design is so simplistic there is little to improve.

And any improvements (such as a new hop design or steel loading nozzle) are being designed by WE themselves - and are made to be backward compatible. So any gun can be made to perform at the latest specs.

You can buy the new WE designed hop up and inner barrel and put it in your original Version 1 gun. So does that gun become a version 3 now? See what I mean? It's all so ridiculous to continue this whole "version" thing. There will be constant improvements. Learn them.

If you are in the market for a new WE M4, I would suggest buying from a retailer that specializes in WE M4 rifles only, such as Airsoft Buddy. If you purchase a new WE M4 this afternoon, you will be receiving a toy gun with the latest updates. Nothing to think about.

If you are less inclined to do research on your own, and need "spoon fed marketeering terms" to wrap your mind around, here are the following morsels.

  • Ver. 1 = the original release version, which has a potmetal bolt stop (quickly broke). Body was painted black and was very cheap and unrealistic. No trades.
  • Ver. 2 = steel bolt stop replaced the potmetal one, it got a better looking body. Now gray with Colt trade marks available.
  • Current version (March 20 2009) = now has an improved hopup design. It is 99% percent the same hopup (despite what others might claim). Just the shape of the green silicone bucking has been improved. Inner barrel is changed to support its shape.

*** If you order a new WE M4 you will get the new hopup rubber. If you already have a WE M4 you can buy the parts from several online retailers (Airsoft Buddy is just one of them.) and retrofit them to your gun.

S.C.U.B.A., R.A.D.A.R., E-M.A.D., A.W.S.S………What the HELL are all these acronyms?

A friend of mine jokingly called the WE M4 the A.G.T.A. - airsoft gun with too many acronyms!

Again, marketing. A means for competitive retailers to "differentiate" ones WE M4 from the others. An attempt to "Dazzle" you with cryptic acronyms. "Hey, it must be good!!"

Lets face it, acronyms are "H.O.T." - especially in the gun world.

These acronyms only confuse and alienate the potential WE buyer. "Which one do I buy" ………"Did I get the right one??"……."Does mine perform horribly because I didnt buy the specially tuned version from >insert name here<?"

In the end, they are (by and large), all the same WE M4, despite anybody's claim.

Here are the acronyms that people find most confusing judging by the immense number of emails we receive each week.

  • WE = WE-Tech = the manufacturer of the WE gas blowback M4
  • AFC = Armed Forces Company = inventor & worldwide-patents owner of this gas blowback system. (Derived from from Escort Gas system.)
  • WETTI = WE Tactical Training International = wholesaler future retailer of the 'anodized + extra barrel' package of the gun.
  • WETTI-AFC Custom version = same gun. WETTI's 'anodized + extra barrel' package
  • A.W.S.S = Advanced Weaponry Simulator System, the registered name for this gas blowback

Hope this helps.


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