Magazine Takedown

Please refer to the parts guide here for clarification on parts mentioned.

Step 1:
Remove the floor plate by sliding it off the magazine

Step 2:
You'll see a small screw attaching the magazine case to the inner gas chamber. Unscrew it and slide the gas chamber out through the top.
Take care not to lose the bolt stop engagement levers!

Step 3:
To remove the bolt stop engagement mechanism, simply lift the parts off of their posts. To remove the slide that engages/disengages the bolt stop mechanism, unscrew the two small screws and swing the slide out of the top of the magazine.

Step 4:
Before removing the top of the magazine, be sure to follow step #3, as the follower might break the bolt stop assembly.
Looking at the top of the magazine you'll see a small screw that attaches the top nozzle/feed lip piece to the magazine. Unscrew it. Be careful when you remove this piece as the follower spring is compressed. Remove the follower and the spring.

Step 5:
Using a valve removal tool, remove the flow valve from the magazine.

Step 6:
Now remove the fill valve from the bottom of the magazine.

Step 7:
Remove the screws securing the plastic retaining plate for the spring and follower.

NOTE: The following is only recommended if you:

  • have followed the troubleshooting guide to fix your leaky mag only to still have leaks
  • have sourced the leak coming from the gas chamber plate

Step 8:
Using a philips head screw driver, unscrew the 4 screws that secure the gas chamber plate to the magazine. Once the screws have been removed, use a small standard screw driver to pry the plate off the magazine. Use caution while doing this as you do not want to damage the rubber seal.

Your mag is now completely disassembled.

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