Lower Receiver Takedown

Please refer to the parts guide here for clarification on parts mentioned.

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Step 1:
Remove the upper receiver from the lower receiver. Refer to basic and upper receiver takedown guides.

Step 2:
Remove the buffer and buffer spring. Refer to step 5 of the basic takedown guide.

Step 3:
Remove the buffer tube. To do this, first remove the stock by pulling down on the stock release lever (#99) and at the same time slide the stock off of the bufffer tube. Next, get out your armorer's wrench and unscrew the castle nut until it bottoms out. Now pull the receiver plate back and unscrew the buffer tube. Be careful not to damage the rear takedown detent spring.

Step 4:
Remove the rear takedown detent and detent spring. The rear takedown pin should now slide out of the lower receiver.

Take note that when reassembling the lower receiver, the rear takedown detent should be installed first, rounded tip (pictured) into the receiver.

Step 5:
Remove the pistol grip from the lower receiver. To do this, remove the philips head screw (#80) holding the pistol grip to the lower receiver. It is located inside the grip. Once you have removed the screw and slide the grip off, you'll notice the fire selector detent and spring. If you don't see the fire select detent, it is probably still in the lower receiver. To get it out, tap the receiver and it should fall out.

Take note that when reassembling the lower receiver that the fire selector detent should be installed first, rounded tip (pictured) into the receiver.

Step 6:
Cock the hammer until it locks back. Move the fire selector to the "Semi" position. Remove the fire selector by pushing the sear (#48) toward the hammer with one hand and pulling the selector lever while turning it CCW to safe, then CW to auto with the other.

Step 7:
Knock out roll pin #81. This is the pin closest to the mag release and bolt stop. Note that the other "pins" seen on the sides of the lower receiver are fake.

Step 8:
Unscrew the trigger pack screw located inside the lower receiver just below the rear takedown pin. The trigger pack should now be free, lift it out of the lower receiver. Note that the pin holding the trigger pack together are slightly loose. Be careful with the trigger pack so that you don't have to go through the trouble of reassembling it. Also be sure not to release the hammer as this locks the sear in place.

Step 9:
To remove the front takedown pin slide it all the way out until the it is stopped by the front takedown detent. Using a small allen key or punch insert it into the hole on the front takedown pin and press the front takedown pin detent. While you are pressing it in pull the front takedown pin out. Be careful as you take it out as the detent is spring loaded and can be lost if you are not careful.

Step 10:
To remove the magazine catch (#75) simply push the mag release button (#82) in far enough that the mag catch can be swung on the other side of the receiver. Keep swinging the mag catch until it is completely unscrewed.

Step 11:
Next we will remove the trigger guard. Push in the detent and swing the trigger guard down. Knock out the roll pin holding the rear of the trigger guard to the lower receiver.

Step 12:
All that is left is the bolt catch. To remove this, simply knock out roll pin #73. Be careful knocking this roll pin out as it is very easy to slip and scratch the lower receiver. As an extra precaution, you may want to place a piece of heavy tape between the receiver and the punch.

You should now have a completely disassembled lower receiver.

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