Inner Barrel Assembly Takedown

Please refer to the parts guide here for clarification on parts mentioned.

Step 1:
Follow the upper receiver takedown guide to remove the inner barrel assembly from the upper receiver.

Step 2:
Knock out the roll pin holding the hopup spring retainer (#114) in place. Slide the spring retainer off. Slide the spring off (#116). Slide the hopup ramp off (#115). Be careful not to lose the small ball bearing (#110) that sits in the hole under the hopup ramp. Unscrew the hopup adjustment collar (#113) and slide it off.

Take note when reassembling that the hopup ramp (#115) should be positioned so that the thin lip (pictured) is sitting against the adjustment collar (#113).

Step 3:
Knock out the barrel roll pin and slide the inner barrel out of the hopup unit (#111). If the black rubber ball catch (#117) does not come out with the inner barrel, you'll have to use something such as an allen key to hook it without damaging it and pull it out of the hopup unit.

The inner barrel assembly should now be completely disassembled.

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