How It Works

Please refer to the parts guide here for clarification on parts mentioned.

Ever wonder how that little 6mm ball of plastic death makes it out of the barrel of your rifle? Read on and you'll learn what's involved.

1. The trigger is pulled and the sear (#54) releases the hammer which hits the valve knocker assembly (#61/62)

2. The valve knocker hits the valve on the magazine and is locked against it by part #66 (fire pin delay stop)

3. Gas is released into the loading nozzle (#44) which pushes the BB out of the barrel

4. Once the BB has left the barrel it creates a pressure change and trips the valve (#42) in the loading nozzle (#44) to direct gas to the blowback action to cycle the bolt carrier

5. The bolt carrier is now cycling into the buffer tube systematically allowing the next BB in the magazine to jump up into the chamber and cocking the hammer.

6. Right up until the bolt cycles far enough back to cock the hammer, part #66 (fire pin delay stop) has locked the valve knocker against the magazine gas valve allowing it to flow gas into the loading nozzle this whole time (milliseconds, lol)

7. As soon the sear (#54 Semi/Auto) (#48 Auto) grabs the hammer (maybe a degree on the hammer pin's axis after the sear grabs) the fire pin delay gets tripped and allows the valve knocker to snap back, off of the magazine valve shutting off gas flow from the magazine.

8. At this point, the buffer spring returns the bolt carrier to home which in turn loads the awaiting BB into the barrel

As far as the fire selector mechanism is concerned, if the fire selector switch is set to AUTO, the auto sear (#48) catches the hammer as the bolt carrier cycles back into the buffer tube. As the bolt carrier reaches home, it trips the auto sear (#48) which releases the hammer if the trigger is held. If however the trigger is released, the auto sear will still trip but the hammer will by caught by the primary sear (#54) (sometimes referred to as the disconnector).

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