Help Us Out!

We are currently looking for help with the following areas:

  • Looking for individuals who are familiar with the 200+ page Arnies Airsoft thread to go through it and list all issues with the WE M4 that have been posted.
    • Need a list of all solutions found for the above issues. Please note if no solution has been found to date.
  • Looking for someone to start the modifications compatibility list. There are some postings on various forums that people have started, we are looking for someone to combine these into a single table that displays type of mod, manufacturer, ease of install, explanation of install, etc.
  • Looking for people with decent video taking/editing skills to record step by step guides.
  • Need help with reviews on all upgrade parts currently available

If you think you can help us out by assisting us in any of the above areas, please head over to the Join! page and fill out a membership request!

Remember, just because someone may have started one of these tasks does not mean that it is taken. Just be sure to inform the person who created the page that you'll be working on it as well.

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