Guide To Editing

While the contribute and conventions pages answer the general questions about how to create and edit pages, this page answers the specific questions about editing the homepages and any specialty pages (such as the command pages). If you have any questions that aren't mentioned, please leave a post in the forum or make a comment at the bottom of the page.

Uploading files

This is a tutorial on how to upload files onto the Wiki. It has been requested that a step-by-step guide be created, as the process can be quite complicated to new contributors.

  • The first step is to open up your favourite web-browser, and navigate to the page you want to upload/include your file on.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and in the bottom-right hand corner is a selection of buttons. If you can't see these buttons, you may not be logged in (log in by pressing the "log in" link at the very top-right hand corner of the page). Now click on the "files" button
  • A menu appears just below the buttons. Click on the "upload new file" link
  • Another menu appears below. Now click the "Choose File" button
  • Just navigate to where you saved your file. Then click on the file, and click on the "Open" button
  • Notice how your file appears in the "File to upload:" text box. When uploading files, always make the file-name all one word. —> WE_M4_upper.jpg
  • If you choose to set a new file name in the "Destination file name" filed, you MUST remember to add the file extension to the new file name. —> new_name.jpg If you don't it will cause problems later.
  • Now click on the "upload file" button:
  • Your file is now uploaded to the Wiki, attached to the specific page! You will notice the list of files (arranged automatically in alphabetical order) now contains your file.
  • Click on the "info" link:

Now comes up a box, including the URL of the file. The URL is important because it means you can access the file simply by clicking (or typing in) the address.

If you want to insert your uploaded image into your page, just insert your tag like that:

[[image WE_M4_upper.jpg]]
  • Alternatively you can use the "insert image wizard" button. Choose "Source type" —> attached file. Select your desired image from the list and click the "insert code" button.

You're done!

Recent News

When you add some new content to the wiki, it is always recommended that you let the community know what you have done — especially if you made some significant edits.

Each news item is stored on it's own page in the news category, including appropriate tags about the page; _news. You can add news through the add news page.

The news can be viewed through the news pages. The portal home pages also automatically retrieve the 5 most recent news elements relative to their portal of the site.

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