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I wish to remove the original valve assembly and replace it with a complete new one but I can't figure out how to remove it.
Can anyone help please?
Thank you.

1) I dont think your magazine could have been filled completely if it used all its gas in a few shots. Do you have another magazine to charge and try?

Or, my guess…..since this is your first GBB…are you holding the can upside down to charge the mazgazine? Its a newbie thing to try and inject the gas rightside up or just sideways. The can needs to be 100% upside down injecting DOWN into the mag.

2) Dont use canned gas - ever. Buy a propane adapter and almost never drop silicone oil into the filler. Maybe a few drops every 10 mags. Run it dry.

3) You need to order the chrome inner barrel and new generation hopup. The original hopup system is pure awful. Crazy hooking is what you get with the Gen1 hop system.

Hope this helps

Re: Don't know what's wrong by RottenottoRottenotto, 18 May 2009 04:29

Hey all,
I've got a first gen we tech m4 and I'm just starting to use it and I'm having some problems. My local shops won't take a look at it and neither will the online store I bought it from ( as they say they don't know anything about the gun, so I was hoping to get some help here. This is my first gbb and I'm pretty new to airsoft, so keep that in mind if you have advice :)

1. Sometimes the gun seems to use up all of the gas in the magazine within a few shots. This is on semi-automatic and I've filled the magazines correctly

2. occasionally when I fire the gun, gas is sprayed out of various parts of the gun and lubricant leaks out of parts of the gun as well…making for a very wet mess. I don't know if this is normal, but I suspect it's not.

3. My gun is very inaccurate. it seems as though the bb's fly off in all different directions at very sharp angles as soon as it leaves the barrel.

The last problem about accuracy, I see in the troubleshooting section that it could be because of a wet hop-up. I've dried everything out, but how do you keep the hop up from getting wet if your using gas? It seems to me that all the gasses have lubricants in them and it gets everthing soaked (issue #2), but I guess that could just be my gun. would the addition ofthe c02 mags solve this problem?

Don't know what's wrong by dragonashdragonash, 04 May 2009 18:42

We received this letter from Jeff at horizon tactical. Give them a look!

Hello Everyone!

First of all we would like to thank IBICO and the Admin/Mods team for giving us the chance to speak with our future customers on GGI.

We're new here as you may know but we are anxious to be serving your WE M4 needs as we strive to specialize in this outstanding GBBR. Our goal is to provide you with whatever parts you need to keep that awesome AWSS running like new!! We will be focusing more on the support side of the AWSS therefore we wont be carrying a large amount of factory assembled ones. On the other hand, we plan to be bringing every single part of the AWSS, yes you heard right, every single part from upper receivers to the smallest spring on the AWSS. We will be offering services for custom pre-assembled AWSS designed according to your needs from long range to CQB, put together and tuned by us for maximum efficiency!!

Our Inventory will not only include the standard spare parts, mags, AWSS but we will try our best to stock up on ALL upgrades out there and available on the market, so expect all those releases you see from ASB, TS Custom and WETTI to be popping up real soon.

The first shipment will be coming by the next few days as we still need time to prepare and finalize many aspects of the website. We hope to be 100% operation and ready to take orders on [b]March 19th at 9:00 AM (US Pacific Time)[/b]. At that point we should have most of our products in stock if not on pre-order. We try our best not to keep our customers waiting with pre-orders or back-orders unless it is necessary.

So if you're the kind of person who likes it perfect, is looking for product support, and needs reliable services. Stay tuned as we will be headed your way very shortly!![/color]

Thank you,
Horizon Tactical

I hope you can put this up in your news section.. but thats your decision ;)

We at Horizon Tactical hope to be serving you guys real soon!!

JefryHorizon/Witt S.

WETTI posted up on arnies what the different versions are/mean, just so you all know.
V3s are the ones with the new shiny hop :)

Re: Variants on the WE-Tech M4 by ShrivenShriven, 19 Mar 2009 23:45

You can find the complete "Original Replacement Parts Price List of WE Gas Blow Back M4" on

Some old prices have changed so you can get a complete trigger unit for $45.50 instead of $100

In addition to that Airsoftbuddy provides now a worldwide warranty service to all WE Gas Blow Back M4 users. Read more about this on

To read recent complaints against this retailer, please visit the following link:

I could be wrong here, but I think Evike just did the preorder sale and that was it. Once they filled those orders, they were done with the WE M4.

Just like they did with the Western Arms M4. They sold through what they had and are now "out of stock" on every model.

What does get my attention is why there is NOTHING on their site at all about the WE - no pics, no 'out of stock notes', zippo, nada.

It's like it never happened. Weird, considering how much EFFORT Evike made to get the word out there about the presale. They posted EVERYWHERE.

I can tell you from my own observation, that it will be no loss to anybody if you don't buy a WE M4 from them. The few owners that I have seen with an Evike purchased WE, are continuing to struggle with their guns.

I don't think its Evike's fault, but the guns they sold are just fraught with gremlins and early failures.

I saw that Evike even stopped selling them. I don't know if the fact that the boasted about them being "t3h g0dz0rz M4 f04 t3h w1nn" then the turned out badly, or for some other reason… if you're wondering what I just said, Idk if they hyped it up too much then their batch turned out to be a bad one so they took them down. save myself a post xD

But yea, I'll be ordering the AFC with the spare mag and power bolt from AB now that the difference has been cleared up. Seems like the best deal anyway, since after shipping, just the AFC would pretty much cost the same from WGC and eHobby only has the plain WE.

They are version 2. There are no version 1's that I see being out of Hong Kong sold at this time.

All 'Version 2' signified on the Internet forums, was the change to an anodized body (with trademarks) and a steel bolt stop.

AFC custom was nothing more than a WE stuck inside a better looking body.

The steel bolt stop was added along the way, first as a warranty replacement for those who had broken their early stops, - then as standard equipment on ALL new WE M4's.

Purchasing a WE from anybody by now, will guarantee a steel bolt stop.

As for Power, speak to William at AB via email - Im sure he will supply you with either power valve. 350ish or 500ish fps. He has both.

Dont buy from Evike -their batch of WE M4's are turning out to be turds on the forum. Buy from an overseas seller like Airsoft Buddy. At least for now.

It will be easier for the gun to function during winter (colder temps) if the bolt carrier is lighter. Propane loses much of its power below 65 degrees F.

If you want the hardest kick, you will like the steel bolt instead.

Does this make the blowback any lighter? I'm liking the large amount of blowback on the WE M4, I wouldn't wanna make it any lighter

Ok, he's got the AFC ones, which mean they have colt trades, but I just wanted to make sure they were the version 2 rifles. But the AFC is the same as the WE, just the colt trades and powered down bolt?

Re: power down parts by 4boost4boost, 13 Feb 2009 00:46

I can answer a few of these.

2. Yes, AB does ship to the US. Last I checked, you had to send him an email at moc.yddubtfosria|yriuqne#moc.yddubtfosria|yriuqne for a custom shipping quote.
3. All rifles sold are now version 2. I'm not sure if he is selling the trademarked receiver, the blank, or both.
4. Prices do not include shipping unless stated in the item description. In most cases if the shipping is included, it is for shipping via airmail which will take 1-2 weeks as opposed to Speedpost which takes ~3 days (more expensive also).

Hello , could you possibly tell me which parts on your site are required to lower the power of the WE M4 ?

Many Thanks


power down parts by 1st Commando1st Commando, 12 Feb 2009 21:56

Hi, I had a few questions that I feel could be deemed FAQ's by users of the site…

1)Where is airsoftbuddy's retail/warehouse located?
2)does airsoftbuddy ship to the USA?
3)Are the WE-Tech/AFC M4a1 models on airsoftbuddy the updated/V.2 version?
4)do the prices on airsoftbuddy include shipping?

If anyone can answer/think of more questions just post! is now stocking WE M4 replacement valve knocker covers ($7) and bolt carriers ($48)


Airsoft Buddy



This WE M4 Upper Receiver Set w/ DD Omega Rail are sold out in few days. Sorry about that.

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