Counter Weighted Spring Guide

Ahhhh, the pretty blue recoil buffer.

TSone abruptly came on the scene during the winter of 2009. Some 'teaser photos' were posted at Arnies of simple mods and aftermarket parts. Most of them looked high quality.

The one mod that seemed to garner the most attention was their "enhanced recoil buffer" or "counter weighted spring guide". It probably received the most interest because of its claim that it "…will increase recoil feeling by up to 75% over stock non-counter weighted spring guide." (Their words, not mine).

I placed my order.

A simple "one magazine demo" revealed that it did nothing to increase recoil. Zip. Nada.

The claims of "75% increase in recoil" were wildly overstated. Almost double??

On the forums, TSone claimed that they would provide "proof" through video that their part did what they claimed. To this day, no video has ever been released.

Also, the inner weight (the counter weight) knocks back and forth inside the buffer. It's like installing a maraca in your WE M4. The noise is irritating.

The experience of dozens of other members at Arnies echo my impression. Absolutely imperceptible increase in felt recoil. (And the infernal rattling sound).

After speaking with friends who own the real weapons, each told me that a counterweighted buffer is exactly what you DONT want if increased recoil is your desire.

Counterweighted buffers are used in short barrel weapons (full auto) to "tame" or smooth out their recoil - so it is easier to keep on target.

Well, so much for that upgrade. This "pretty blue recoil guide" now sits in my spare parts box. Not recommended.

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