Basic Takedown

Please refer to the parts guide here for clarification on parts mentioned.

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AKA field stripping, consists of opening the upper receiver and removing the bolt carrier, buffer, and buffer spring for general maintenance. It also covers the removal of the stock M4A1 clamshell hand guard. Basic takedown can be performed without the use of tools.

Step 1:
Remove the magazine. Push the rear takedown pin in so that it extends far enough out of the opposite side to grip it.

Step 2:
Pull the takedown pin until it hits the takedown pin detent and stops.

Step 3:
Swing upper receiver up.

Step 4:
Squeeze the charging handle latch and pull the charging handle and bolt carrier out of the upper receiver. To remove the charging handle, pull it all the way until it stops, then swing it downward and pull.

Step 5:
To remove the buffer and buffer spring, push down the buffer retainer located inside the lower receiver just before the buffer tube. Be sure to hold your finger over the buffer as once the retainer is pressed, it will release the buffer. Pull the buffer and its spring out of the buffer tube.

Step 6:
To remove the clamshell handguard, simply pull back on the delta ring, grip the portion of the clamshell closest to the delta ring and swing away from the outer barrel. Repeat for the lower portion of the clamshell.

You should now have a completely field stripped M4.

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