Anti Rotation Pin Set

If the truth was told, real "anti rotation pins" are next to useless in real AR15's.

For the WE M4, they are 100% useless. They are "cosmetic only" items.

Anti Rotation pins and how they work.

REAL anti rotation pins do just what they say - they keep the trigger and sear pins from rotating in the receiver holes when the gun is firing.

If you had a real AR15 in your hands, you could see how they rotate. Simply open the receiver and cock the hammer back. You will see the pins will rotate with the cocking movement.

The concern is that somehow the constant "rotating" of these steel pins will wear out the holes in the aluminum lower receiver - making them "egg shape" and loose. That is the ONLY proposed benefit of having "anti rotation pins".

Does this "wearing out" actually happen? No, not really.

In the real steel world, anti rotation pins are another "marketing bonanza" - a small "cool" accessory that manufacturers can sell lots of. Profit is the motivation, not preservation of the lower receiver holes.

TSC Anti rotation pins.

The TSL anti-rotation pins do nothing. They are an ornament.

Real anti rotation pins replace both receiver pins discussed above - they need to in order to "work". In the case of the WE, the rear pin is fake. Only the front pin is replaced. So how can a "pin rotating" be a problem when it isnt even REAL?? (*grin*)

Oddly enough, the one supplied stainless pin has no "key" machined into the end to keep it from rotating. Real anti-rotation pins do, thats HOW they work. A keyed end holds it from turning.

In fact, TSC supplies you with TWO allen wrenches. Why? So you can hold one side in place while you tighten the other side, otherwise the pin rotates!! Quite a laugh when you think about it!

Some people think these pins add a dash of "high tech" to their receiver. Many however, think they are ugly. To each his own.

They are a lowcost item which is easy to install (pics to be added). Buy them if you like them!

They dont do any harm, but they dont do any good either.

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